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Mover Alerts: An early warning that your customer is on the move

What is Mover Alerts?

Mover Alerts provides an early warning of customers in your portfolio who have put their home up for sale or rent, giving valuable insight to aid management and retention of existing customers.

Mover Alerts matches addresses in your customer portfolio to addresses of properties that have been put up for sale or rent. As our data is updated weekly, you can receive weekly or monthly updates on your portfolio.

How Mover Alerts can benefit you

Retention of customers

Mover Alerts helps you anticipate customer needs and deliver appropriate messages to avoid losing customers. Products at risk when a customer is moving home include mortgages, current accounts and credit cards, unsecured debts, utilities and insurance products.

Cross selling and account monitoring

Customers moving home may be looking to take advantage of a range of new products, including mortgage or insurance services, and will appreciate relevant, targeted messages during what can be a stressful event.

Risk management

Customers moving house present an increased risk of delinquency, knowing a customer is about to move mitigates this, and helps ensure accurate billing can be collected from the outgoing householder.

Identification of undisclosed Buy-to-Let risk

When a customer lets out their home without advising their mortgage lender, it means the debt is incorrectly priced and risk is increased. Getting early notification of properties to rent with Mover Alerts allows the lender to be proactive in protecting its position.


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