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ExPin - Single Customer View (SCV)

Today's consumers are more empowered and they expect to be offered the right product for their individual needs, swiftly; at the same time their relationships with you have become more complex.

Working with fragmented and often siloed data can result in a poor experience for you and your customers. You aren’t able to easily access all of the information you hold on each individual regarding all the products they may take from you. This can make it hard to know if you are offering them the best possible products and services to suit their individual needs.

Experian’s single customer view solution utilises our wealth of experience within the data world to provide help and guidance as well as data matching capabilities. Our ExPin match key has been developed by utilising our extensive range of data assets to create a unique PIN for each person in the UK. Allowing you to quickly and confidently gain a single view of each individual’s relationship with you.

Who's it for?

Credit providers who have multiple product portfolio’s, including Banks and Building Societies, to energy and water providers, and Insurers.

Key benefits

  • Allow you to make confident and responsible credit decisions ensuring all products and services you offer are, and will continue to be, appropriate for an individual’s needs
  • Ensure your customers have the best possible experience every time they have contact with you

How it works

ExPin is a simple hosted solution available either via batch or online delivery.

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