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Real-time document checking, providing validity of identity credentials

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Verifying identities can be a complex and challenging task, yet in many industries consumers are increasingly demanding an instant response to applications and transactions.

Experian’s Identity Document Check undertakes a fully automated check within seconds, providing a clear indication of the validity of identity credentials.

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Identity Document Check rapidly scans documents for inconsistencies with a robust checking process that includes verifying a number of features. Within seconds, the system provides an assessment of the validity of the credentials.

In addition, the system stores copies of documents electronically with an audit trail, removing the need for hard copies to be taken. Identity Document Check is specifically designed for accurate and efficient identity authentication in high-volume customer touchpoints such as banks and other financial services organisations as well as retail outlets, car dealerships, law-enforcement agencies, and public venues.

Benefits of Identity Document Check

  • Efficiency - The speed of the system provides an immediate response, highlighting inconsistencies including those that may be missed in a manual check. 
  • Effectiveness - The level of checking is more robust than manual processes as the technology utilises ultraviolet, infrared and electronic chip reading as well a number of other checks.
  • Consistency - The automated, single system ensures a consistent approach to document checking across an entire organisation, removing the risk of human error.
  • Confidence - Management and customer-facing employees can have more confidence in the accuracy and security of the verification process.
  • Increased productivity - Automated document checking is quicker than manual checking, allowing higher productivity in a face to face environment.
  • Secure data storage - As data is captured, and retained in the system the cost for holding hard copies of documents is eliminated. The automated system simplifies data retrieval and assists with regulatory compliance.
  • Ensure safeguarding - The audit trail gives clear visibility of which checks have been made and by whom. This information can also be demonstrated to regulators.
  • Comprehensive coverage - The system has over two million document templates, representing different versions of documents that are already in use around the world. Currently, Identity Document Check supports in excess of 300 types of documents covering over 130 countries.

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