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Delphi for New Business

People expect credit providers to offer the right product for them, quickly. In order to make confident, responsible lending decisions organisations must swiftly interpret the wealth of complex and constantly evolving data now available on individuals.

Scorecards have long been a way of summarising data and automating decision making; Delphi for New Business is a scorecard specifically developed to support decision making in the application process, helping you to predict how likely an individual is to maintain their credit agreement.

Delphi for New Business is highly predictive because we:

  • Base scorecards on a broad population of individuals, so they don’t date as quickly as those using your internal data alone
  • Build in extra information about individuals outside of traditional credit information, to give a more complete picture
  • Look at each new type of data individually to make sure it’s treated in the optimal way for the type of credit being applied for
  • Take changing risk trends in to account

Who is Delphi for New Business for?

A wide range of credit providers, from new to established firms in secured and unsecured lending alongside telecommunication, water and energy providers, and Insurers.

Key Benefits

  • Better matching and more data on individuals
  • More accurate scoring
  • Quicker, more automated decisions
  • Being able to offer the right products, priced competitively

How it works

Our solutions can be integrated into your existing process quickly and easily via an Application Programming Interface (API) using common XML language.  They pull in data from a multitude of sources, enabling you to make your decisions with less risk and more speed.


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