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Delphi Customer Management

People’s financial situation changes on a frequent basis as they open and close lending, make payments and utilise their credit limits.

In order to ensure you nurture long term and responsible relationships with your existing customers, it is crucial that you are able to understand their financial wellbeing on a continual basis.

Our Delphi for Customer Management scorecard has been developed specifically to help you proactively manage your existing customer relationships.

Who is Delphi for Customer Management for?

Credit providers across a wide range of portfolios, from mortgages to credit cards and unsecured lending to water and energy providers.

Key Benefits

  • Improve customer experience by offering alternative products and services
  • Proactively help customers who may be getting into financial difficulty
  • Make proactive decisions on credit limit use

How it works

Delphi for Customer Management is delivered in batch data which can be easily integrated into your in-house systems and solutions.


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