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CitizenView is a quick and easy to use web-based system that provides public sector users with instant online access to Experian's extensive consumer and business information databases to help improve fraud detection, boost revenue collection and aid debt recovery.

How can we help you?

Designed in partnership with local authorities, the solution can also be used by other public sector organisations to support address level due diligence checks in the processing of applications for benefits, or in support of tracing, recovery and enforcement action or enforcing statutory tax or duty.

A few key facts

  • Low cost, high value.
  • Access to unrivalled data sources.
  • Secure information sharing.
  • Audit and compliance management.

In addition to the data sources returned within the first three search types, a comprehensive financial search provides the user with access to:

  • Experian’s unique consumer credit database containing over 400 million records of credit agreements held by UK citizens
  • A file of house repossessions supplied by members of the Council of Mortgage Lenders
  • The UK’s largest file of previous search records  
  • The full Electoral Register, fully updated annually and on a rolling monthly basis
  • Residential telephone numbers
  • Employment telephone numbers recently supplied by the citizen on applications for credit
  • Director’s information, including current, previous and dissolved directorships and disqualifications
  • Goneaway information for the Gone Away Information Network (GAIN).

CitizenView, developed specifically for use by the public sector, delivers a range of benefits, including:

Low cost – high value

CitizenView is highly cost-effective. It reduces the cost of revenue recovery actions and helps to improve operational efficiency. The product is simple to access and no additional software beyond Internet Explorer is required.

Provides access to unrivalled data sources

Experian’s databases contain more than one billion records on citizens, businesses, insurance, motor vehicles and propensity profiles. These are updated in real-time, daily,

monthly and annually. The system has the ability to deliver address and data of birth corroboration, as well as home and work telephone numbers.

Instant responses

As an online system, CitizenView provides instant responses, which are needed to make fast and informed decisions. This enables a more efficient and effective approach to the conduct of due diligence checks and revenue recovery actions.

Helps to reduce the levels of fraud through better prevention and detection

To assist each other with investigations and risk management, local authorities can opt to securely share details of previous case records and additional data files, creating a citizen-centric view through a single search.

By sharing previous case records for homeless housing across local authorities, departments can identify citizens attempting to make multiple applications and therefore prevent the misappropriation of resources.

Other areas within the public sector can limit exposure to fraud by sharing experience of fraudulent and suspect cases.

Increase the amount of debt recovered

By sharing recovery experience across local authorities, users gain an understanding of the most effective strategy for individual citizens, to enable them to maximise the amount of debt recovered and collect it more quickly.

Locate goneaways more quickly

By sharing goneaway details within and across local authorities via a public sector closed user group, users can implement a more joined up approach to tracing goneaways, reducing duplication of effort and thereby locating debtors more quickly.

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