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Identity Authentication for Public Sector

What can it do for me?

Identity Authentication is an electronic personal identity authentication solution that enables public sector organisations to authenticate a citizen's identity in real-time, irrespective of the channel of interaction. This includes face-to-face, telephone or Internet contacts.

How can we help you?

Already in use across central and local government, as well as the private sector, Identity Authentication provides a level of confidence in the authenticity of an individual's identity by checking their details against a broad range of data sources held by Experian. In essence, it establishes the existence of a real world identity and verifies that the confirmed identity is the subject of the transaction or enquiry.

A few key facts

  • Improves efficiency and customer service.
  • Reduces risk of fraud and revenue loss.
  • Quick and easy to implement.
  • Provides full legislative and regulatory compliance.

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