Bring together customer data from different sources to create a simple Single Customer View.

Today’s consumers expect quick decisions and easy access to the right products. As relationships with customers become more complex, you need a simple way to access relevant data. Experian’s solution allows you to match your data to give access to all of the information you hold on an individual, so you can ensure you’re offering the best products and services for their needs.

ExPin ensures you won’t have to work with fragmented or siloed data, improving decisions and creating a better experience for you and your customers. It utilises our wealth of experience within the data world, giving help and guidance, and data matching capabilities. Plus, our ExPin match key creates a unique PIN for each person in the UK, so you can gain a single view of an individual’s relationship with you, swiftly and confidently.

Key benefits

  • Make quick, confident and responsible credit decisions
  • Know which products and services are most appropriate for your customers
  • Help to improve customer relations

Who is ExPin designed for?

Designed for credit providers with multiple customer databases, including banks, building societies, energy and water providers, and insurers.

How it works

ExPin is a simple hosted solution available either via batch or online delivery.

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