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Our placement schemes are now closed for 2015 applications.

Typical placement schemes at Experian:

  • Finance (Nottingham and London)
  • IT (Nottingham)
  • Marketing (Nottingham and Rugby)
  • Digital Marketing (Nottingham)
  • Economics (London)


Undertaking a Year In Industry at University?

Experian offers undergraduate placements...

Our Placement Schemes offer university students a year in industry work placement as part of their undergraduate sandwich degree programme, which is an imperative part their studies and learning.

The schemes allow students an insight into a working environment, that will enable them to broaden their knowledge within a particular business area. This enables students to gain a view of the practical application of theory into the workplace, whilst allowing a them to fully understand their chosen career path from a real life perspective.

We often recruit placements into the following positions: Economics Assistant, Finance Analyst, Data Analyst, IT Assistant, Marketing Assistant & HR Assistant.

Here more from our students......

Joe - Finance Placement Scheme

'I chose the option to take a placement year as I believed it would give me valuable experience to help fuel my future career choice. It has reaffirmed that accountancy is the correct career path for me, as I have enjoyed the challenging but rewarding experience my placement year has given me.  

I was given responsibilities and chances to learn and grow. I also feel that I have been able to leverage my theory based knowledge, as my placement year as enabled me to match theory learnt at university to practice.'

Sam - IT Placement Scheme

'Since day one it has been extremley easy to fit into the interactive testing team. Within about 2 weeks I was completing day-to-day testing activities and later on I got the opportunity to be a lead tester on my first major project.  

The responsibility, trust and support that is given to you is fantastic and really makes you feel like a valued employee. Experian is a great place to meet enthusiastic, friendly and motivated people that are keen to share their knowledge with you.'

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