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Experian Graduate - Victoria



Experian Graduate - Victoria



Experian Graduate - Victoria



Experian Graduate - Victoria



Year of Scheme



Date Joined

September 2011


Degree Subject Studied

Chemical Engineering BEng Hons, MSc International Management



Project Manager


Previous Roles

UK Project Management Office – Trainee Coordinator



My Experience So Far

Upon joining Experian’s IT Graduate Scheme, I started with 4 weeks of working within the Programme Management Office (PMO), where I had the chance to get a real grasp of the general operating functions of a PMO Coordinator. I was then asked to join a project team for an extensive internal database re-platform programme, where my primary role was to provide executive programme reporting and effective governance control. My major responsibility was to make sure reports were being completed on a consistent manner and in a high quality. I also had the opportunity to assist project managers in planning and monitoring, in order to keep track of key project milestones.


In my current rotation, I was recommended to step up as Project Manager on an internal project, a reporting platform upgrade initiative. I am currently working with two other graduate Business Analysts to carry out the vital processes of a project, from initiation, planning and requirements gathering, to stakeholder management and communication delivery. I am especially enjoying this aspect of my rotation so far, as it truly allows me to take charge of my own project; highlights including thinking on my feet to manage risk, presenting the project to the management team and gaining the necessary insight of what a Project Manager does via first-hand experience.


Alongside the workload, I have come to appreciate the corporate culture of how much Experian values people’s effort on a day-to-day basis – I have received three awards in a span of 5 months since joining the company. I only hope to keep up the good work and make my contribution count!



Memorable Moment at Experian

I have recently joined the newly started Experian touch rugby team, where we play against other teams in the Nottingham Social League. Even though it is a learning curve to perfect the drills and remember game strategies, I think it is fair to say that everyone has a lot of fun and it definitely helps to raise our team spirit, especially when we win – go SideSteppers!


I also took part in a graduate community day, where we helped a local school paint a brand new music studio of their own. It feels great to be able to help the community, having fun at the same time.


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