Profile - Finance Graduate


Experian Graduate - Amar

Experian Graduate - Amar

Experian Graduate - Amar



Year of Scheme



Date Joined

September 2010


Degree Subject Studied

Economics with Politics



Financial Analyst


Previous Roles

Financial Analyst - Consumer Services UK

Financial Analyst - Decision Analytics UK



My Experience So Far

I am currently working as a Financial Analyst for Experian Consumer Services. This is widely known for its flagship CreditExpert product. I am lucky enough to have hands-on involvement with the monthly revenue and forecasting process for one of our core products, as well as being involved in the integration of one of our recent business acquisitions.


Some of my key accomplishments include a redesign and overhaul of our reporting processes to leverage our system capabilities, and ownership of a high profile quarterly Executive Management presentation which is used when reporting quarterly results to the City. One of the best things about my role is the exposure you get across the business and the networking opportunities that come with this. Whether this is a sneak peek into the marketing team’s latest campaign or the strategy team’s newest product ideas, there is never a dull moment! 


Overall, my time on the Experian Graduate Scheme has been a great learning experience. The work is challenging with real responsibilities and deadlines, but there is a flexible support network to provide advice and guidance to tailor your development the way you want.



Memorable Moment at Experian

My most memorable moment was the Consumer Services annual conference which was held in Alton Towers last year. This was a 2 day conference which looked at our upcoming business priorities and future growth opportunities. As a new starter in the team it was a great networking opportunity to mingle with colleagues and senior management alike. The evening meal and entertainment ended with the Senior Management Team performing a rendition of “Sweet Home Alabama” with the Managing Director taking the lead vocal and this was followed up the next day with a visit to the theme park! It was a great way to show we are appreciated for what we do in the business.



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