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How can I find out more about your selection process

Do I have to answer all of the Pre screening questions?

You’re required to answer all pre employment screening questions which are marked with an asterisk (*) as mandatory. The pre screening questions are linked to the minimum requirements of the role and help us to effectively and efficiently match candidates to opportunities. They also provide us with other information which is considered in assessing your suitability.

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What is a technical / functional interview?

It is an in depth assessment of your functional / technical knowledge and expertise. In addition it will also focus on areas such as your team fit and general commercial aptitude. If you’re applying for a management role, then your management skills and experience will also be explored in more detail.

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What is a competency based interview?

Many of our assessments are designed around a set of competencies relevant to the role, including a structured, competency based interview. To succeed in a competency based interview, you’ll need to have strong and relevant examples which illustrate your ability to be successful in the role. Competencies are clustered into six broad areas (examples are indicated in brackets):

  • Leadership (developing others)
  • Commercial awareness
  • Thought processing (innovation, analytical thinking)
  • Delivery (planning, implementing)
  • Personal effectiveness (influencing, relationship building)
  • Personal style (motivation)

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What tests do Experian use?

We use a number of professionally recognised, valid and reliable tests to help us in our decision making process. The use of these tests ensures that candidates are treated in a fair, consistent and objective manner.

We use a number of tests including:

  • Ability tests – designed to measure current ability and future potential for different types of skills for example, numerical, verbal & diagrammatic reasoning. We are able to choose the most suitable test to assess specific abilities relevant to the role. We are able to measure skills at different levels, again appropriate to each specific role.
  • Scenarios – place candidates in a number of situations in which a range of responses are possible. Ratings are provided on an overall range of managerial judgement. This enables us to assess a candidate’s overall level of judgement and also how effective their judgement is in dealing with different kinds of corporate issues.
  • Occupational Personality Questionnaires (OPQ’s) – provide an indication of a candidate’s perception of their preferred behavioural style of work. Gaining in-depth information on how candidates will fit within certain work environments and teams, and how they will cope with different job requirements, makes a major contribution to achieving a person / job fit critical to a successful appointment.

Experian partner with SHL for many of our selection tests. SHL provide candidates with a range of information and practice tests via their Candidate Helpline

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What assessment tools do Experian use?

Experian are committed to ensuring the fair, consistent and objective selection of candidates to ensure that the right people are recruited into the right roles for the benefit of themselves and the organisation.

In addition to interviews and tests, Experian utilise a number of other assessment tools including presentations, role plays, telephone simulations, in-trays and group exercises.

We also use technical checks to measure knowledge and proficiency in IT related areas (e.g. programming languages).

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What can I do to prepare for my assessment?

  • Make sure you know about the organisation and the division that you’ve applied to. Use the careers site, company web sites and relevant media articles for reference.
  • Review the information about the job and your application form. Make sure you’re clear about the requirements of the role and the information that you’ve supplied.
  • Try to anticipate what questions may be asked during an interview. Be clear as to what assessment tools will be used?
  • Look at the job information to understand what competencies will be assessed and what other requirements may be measured (i.e. knowledge, proficiency).
  • Use the practice test papers that have been supplied in advance of you completing a written test.
  • Have a list of questions that you wish to ask.
  • Ensure you’re clear about the logistics for the assessment (i.e. dates / timings, venues, names of assessors).
  • Ensure you know what the next stages of the assessment process will be? When and how you can receive feedback?


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