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Refine your credit and collections strategy

Most of your customers will, at some point, miss a payment. But not all of these can be categorised as serious delinquent customers. Having the ability to quickly establish can’t pay vs won’t pay, and having the operational efficiencies and strategies in place to focus resources appropriately, can dramatically reduce the cost of bad debt.

Reduce the cost of consumer collections

Quickly identify your most high-risk customers so you can prioritise your resources in the most efficient way.

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Improve consumer contact rates

Increase the likelihood of reaching an individual before the debt increases or gets too old with additional contact information.

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Maximise debt recovery from every consumer

Get a deeper understanding of your customers’ individual circumstances and characteristics to increase the likelihood of repayment.

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Commercial debt management

Know when a business shows signs of financial stress and reprioritise your credit and collections strategy accordingly.

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