Business information

Customer Information Management

Find out who won’t pay their bills on time by pinpointing your highest risk customers. Monitor their credit and risk levels, identify ledger risks and opportunities and support your credit management strategy.

Business Information - Products and Services

The Risk Report

The Risk Report is the most innovative business report in the market place, offering valuable information displayed in a powerful new and easy-to-use format.

International Business Reports

International Reports from Experian provides you with global information on a wide range of businesses from over 225 countries - offering immediate online access to over 45 million businesses overseas.

e-series Business

e-series Business provides access to a full range of UK business information and business reports including limited company data, non-limited business data and payment trends.

Commercial Autoscore

Commercial Autoscore and its workflow capabilities ensure that customer service standards are maintained and administrative backlogs become a thing of the past.


Busibody offers an array of company insights and business information, such as business default risk, credit information, financial information and business risk information that will help you to identify, manage and reduce risk.

Business Monitoring

Business Monitoring is an early warning system to alert credit professionals managing a vast portfolio of any change in their customers' circumstances.

Commercial Delphi

Commercial Delphi helps you to undertake lending risk calculations. It lets you assess commercial viability of customers and prospects - to identify, manage and reduce risk to your business.

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