Application Processing

Application Processing

Automate and manage your processes from end to end. Our application processing tools offer rapid, flexible decisioning and workflow which will maximise customer value while proactively managing risk and, potential bad debt.

Application Decisioning - Products and Services

Application Processing

Our next generation application processing solutions further develop Experian's proven ability to deliver sophisticated, robust, customer acquisition solutions that have met the needs of consumer businesses for the last 20 years.

Consumer Indebtedness Index

The CII was created in accordance with the Government's stated objective of reducing the level of consumer over-indebtedness in the UK.

Delphi for New Business

Delphi for New Business is a suite of highly predictive generic scorecards that can be used in any consumer credit application processing environment to assess the credit risk of new customers.


Detect is a real-time, online anomaly checking system that checks application data against a variety of Experian databases, including the credit bureau.


CEMS features in our suite of real-time customer value management solutions, which are designed to help consumer businesses involved in high volume, real-time consumer interactions to maximise acquisition, up-selling, cross-selling and retention opportunities.

Automated Property Management

Get immediate access to online property valuations with Experian’s Automated Valuation Model (AVM) and make decisions on large proportions of lower risk borrowers in a matter of seconds.


Authenticate can provide a score or index value to indicate the degree of confidence that an individual's identity and address are correct and that the person you are dealing with is who they say they are.

Authenticate for Public Sector

Authenticate is an electronic personal identity authentication solution that enables public sector organisations to authenticate a citizen's identity in real-time, irrespective of the channel of interaction.


Hunter works by checking application data for anomalies within the current application, anomalies against previous applications and matches against previous known and suspected fraudulent applications.


CitizenView is a quick and easy to use web-based system that provides users with instant access to Experian's extensive consumer and business information databases


e-consumerview is a quick and easy to use web-based solution, which provides authorised consumer credit lenders with access to Experian databases in order to make consistent, reliable underwriting decisions.

Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE)

The Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) are shared databases of insurance claims that help insurers identify non-disclosure, concurrent claims activity and prevent fraud.


Perils are geographical models that help insurers assess the level of exposure property has to natural and man-made risks, including flood, freeze, subsidence, windstorm, fire and theft.

Insurance Hunter

Insurance Hunter is an online fraud detection and prevention tool.

Origination Decision Analytics

To successfully begin a profitable relationship with the right customer you need to maximise the intelligence available and use this to recognise and treat each prospect as an individual.

Fraud prevention decision analytics

Fraud is a crime on the increase. Organisations in a highly competitive market have aggressive growth targets and instant decisioning giving less time to assess customers and detect fraud.

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