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Understand your business customer's credit and risk issues

Bad debt is one of the most serious issues businesses face today. You need to be able to identify any potential payment issues quickly, understand the level of risk in your ledger, know who your highest risk customers are and also those who are the most profitable. The products shown below will ensure that you have a deeper understanding of your customer's payment behaviour enabling you to protect your business from bad debt.

Understand credit risks and opportunities

Risk Audit Plus is a web based service that provides information on Limited companies and non-Limited businesses - providing a snapshot and a detailed view of the risks and opportunities in your customer base.

  • Identify level of risk in ledger
  • Customer risk management
  • Maximise revenue and opportunities

View your ledger the smarter way

Ledger360 provides a complete view of your risk exposure helping you take control of your credit management strategy. It enables faster, more accurate collection decisions and reduces bad debt by providing a richer understanding of accounts within your ledgers.

  • Customer risk management
  • Cost and cash flow management
  • Maximise revenue and opportunities

Understand customer payment behaviour

Payment Performance Scheme, a membership scheme, involves sharing ledger data each month. In return, members receive a free monthly report that can help improve understanding of customers’ cashflow, reduce debtor days and manage potential bad debts.

  • View customer payment patterns
  • Compare how you’re being paid
  • Identify customer cashflow issues

Monitor customer credit and risk changes

Business Monitoring is an early warning system to alert credit professionals managing a vast portfolio of any change in their customers' circumstances, providing timely information about credit and risk changes in your customer base.

  • Monitor a business
  • Early warning system e.g. CCJs
  • Flags credit and risk changes

Identify ledger risks and opportunities

Data Quality Consultancy will enhance the quality of your ledger data, providing you with a clear understanding of risk and opportunities. It helps you to identify the riskiest customers, as well as revenue opportunities in their customer base.

  • Enhance ledger data
  • Identify risks in customer base
  • Recognise revenue opportunities
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