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See for yourself how The Risk Report can help you credit check new customers before you decide to trade with them.

Highly predictive credit checking

  • Get a full credit assessment for the last 12 months including a risk summary, a current risk score, credit limit and the likelihood of failure in the following 12 months.
  • Commercial Delphi Score shows the risk trend over the last 12 months and compares against other business that are the same size, age and same industry group.

View a customer’s payment trends

  • See how a business pays others with a full payment summary, including Days Beyond Terms (DBT) for the last 12 months and the average DBT.
  • Look at payment performance by size of account and see if the business has a consistent payment pattern.

See recent company financials

  • View financial information for the last 4 years for limited companies with a detailed balance sheet, cash flow items, profit and loss, company ratio and disclosure items.
  • Get an accounts summary showing total turnover, profit margins, total assets and shareholder funds.
  • See a summary of CCJs, alerts or unpaid accounts.

Director information and corporate structure

  • Find out who the company directors are including their name, age, nationality and date appointed.
  • See a full list of a company’s structure including the parent company and UK and overseas subsidiaries.

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risk report

Lindsay Cars

During a time when new and used car prices had dropped and sales were at an all-time low, Lindsay Cars were under pressure to diversify and improve risk management. Lindsay Cars also offer a rental service and parts distribution, so choosing the right suppliers and managing their fleet were two key areas for improvement.

With the credit management system provided by Experian helped to reveal customers in financial distress, so Lindsay Cars were able to act quickly and have discussions with their late payers before the situation got worse.

‘Experian’s system has helped to significantly improve our customer debt in arrears position and reduce the overall level of bad debt.’
Keith Scott - Financial Director, Lindsay Cars



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