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Discover why using The Risk Report to credit check new customers can help you avoid payment delays and reduce your exposure to bad debt.

How long will it take to create a Risk Report?

We will compile a Risk Report based on the information you give us within 24 hours. You will receive an email notifying you that your Report is available online via email.

What is in The Risk Report?

Every Risk Report for a limited company contains information on a company and its directors, including a full credit assessment and risk summary, an overview of company financials, director information, analyst comments and payment trends.  A Risk Report on a non-limited company contains a full risk profile and financial analysis, combining both scores for the business and personal credit scores of business owners to give the most complete assessment of the risk associated with the business.

Can I get a Risk Report on more than one business at a time?

You can get as many Risk Reports as you like but each company counts as a separate Risk Report.

How up to date is the data used by Experian?

Data is updated daily to give you real time Commercial Delphi scoring.

Where does Experian get its information?

We provide our customers with better results than any of our competitors by offering a greater breadth of highly accurate and up to date information using data compiled from a range of reputable sources, including Companies House, The Registry Trust, regional gazettes and Experian's own databases.


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