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Why use Risk Audit Plus?

Discover why using Risk Audit Plus to get a good overview of risk in your entire portfolio can help you increase cashflow and limit your exposure to bad debt. 

Business challenges:

A business often decides who to chase for payment first by looking at how much or how late their payment is. The trouble is size and lateness might not indicate the highest risks of you not being paid. You could waste time and resources chasing low risk customers. Meanwhile your bad debt mounts up and relationships with profitable customers suffer.

Business solution:

By using a blend of business and consumer information to produce a credit score for each customer and your portfolio as a whole, you’ll reveal the businesses that pose the biggest credit risk, that are paying you later than other suppliers, and see at a glance who needs chasing first.


With the appropriate credit management strategy in place for each customer, you can reduce you business’ exposure to bad debt, streamline your processes and strengthen relationships with your best customers.

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