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Take a tour of Risk Audit Plus

See for yourself how Risk Audit Plus from Experian helps you quickly audit, assess and manage credit risks.

See the risk of business failure

  • View the risk of business failure across all accounts.
  • Commercial Delphi Score shows the likelihood of individual business failure within the next 12 months.

View customer payment trends

  • Get an overview of your customers’ payment patterns with an average DBT for your entire portfolio and by seeing how long each individual customer takes, on average, to pay invoices after payment is due.
  • The general payment trend of each customer is compared to their recent payment performance.
  • See a summary of CCJs. Group accounts by the number of CCJs in the last 12 months or filter by number or CCJ band.

Checking and sorting your data

  • Suppression data categorises your data into four types so you can see which of your accounts is registered to not receive unsolicited mail and phone calls, which are duplicates and which are registered as goneaway.
  • See a Postal address file summary revealing how closely the address details you have  match that held by Royal Mail.

Analysing your customers

  • Mosaic commercial classifies your customers in to 13 groups and 50 distinct types.
  • Predict likely future behaviour and identify your most loyal and profitable customers.

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BioLab had no clear view of the credit risks or opportunities across its business, which left them vulnerable to bed debt and unsure which customers could have credit or how much they could give.

With Risk Audit Plus, BioLab has the insight it needs to make confident credit decisions and keep credit risks under control. Since using Risk Audit Plus to audit their accounts one a year, BioLab has strengthened their relationships with existing customers, significantly reduced bad debt and identified new up sale opportunities.
“We’ve had little bad debt since using Risk Audit Plus and our level of overdue accounts has dropped.”
Keith Buckman - Financial Controller, BioLab


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