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Reveal the customers who may take longest to pay you

See the risk of business failure

View the risk of business failure within the next 12 months across all accounts.

Get an overview of your entire portfolio with a risk summary and risk statistics revealing your best and riskiest customers at a glance.

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See the risk of business failure

View individual business performance

Go deeper into your portfolio by viewing accounts individually.

Filter accounts by selecting options from a drop-down menu for more detailed insights into a customer’s financial situation.

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View individual business performance

See how quickly customers pay their bills

Find out how long each account takes to pay their bills with a Days Beyond Terms (DBT) summary.

Discover the general payment trend of each account compared to their recent payment performance – is it up or down?

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See how a business pays others

Identify your most profitable customers

Know which businesses can have additional credit and how much more revenue could be generated.

Predict likely future behaviour and buying patterns with comprehensive customer profiles.

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View vital information ‘at a glance’

Timely payment is essential for the survival of your business. However, at the same time as ensuring you receive payment owed, you also want to maintain a healthy and continuing relationship with your customers. Effective credit management, aimed at reducing the risk of late payment and bad debt, is therefore an essential part of good business practice.

A wealth of payment information

Experian holds a the largest database of up to date payment performance data from independent sources, including over 6000 ledgers and 22 million commercial transactions processed each month – the equivalent of £12 billion worth of transactions every month. This data lets you quickly find out how your customers are paying other suppliers and get a deeper understanding of your customers’ financial situation.

A blend of business and consumer data

It is Experian’s unique blend of extensive business and consumer data that gives you deeper and more accurate insight into new and existing customers. Experian combines business with consumer data, trade references and director information to generate a blended risk score.

High quality data

Experian provides an extensive breadth and depth of business information. Our consumer database holds information on 45 million UK customers, our national business database contains 4 million limited and non limited companies, and we partner over 600 organisations across many different sectors.

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