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Pre-Screened Data – separating profitable and low-risk businesses

Broad marketing campaigns to all those on your prospective client databases can leave you exposed to poor responses, high-risk business replying and ultimately reduces the ROI of your marketing campaigns and leaves you with bad debtors. Pre-Screened Data removes these high-risk businesses from your databases, leaving you free to concentrate valuable time and resources on turning low-risk potential clients into profitable customers.

What is Pre-Screened Prospect Data?

Pre-Screened Data is a highly effective suppression service that accurately identifies and removes high-risk customers from your prospect list, leaving you with a data set of low risk, profitable businesses.

How can Pre-Screened Prospect Data help you?

  • Drill down into your data to create the most targeted and profitable prospect list
  • Save the embarrassment of turning businesses away at the closing stage of a deal
  • Increase the speed at which you convert prospects to customers

Watch our video on the benefits of Pre-Screened Prospect Data

pre screen data animation

How does it work?

  • Gain valuable insight from 5.1million business records on The National Business Database.
  • Determine the right prospects for your business with further selection criteria.
  • Target the most profitable businesses with precision using a prospect list containing only your best quality business leads.
  • Screen your own records using a market leading scorecard to accurately assess the financial stability of a business.
  • Find out if a business is likely to fail in the next 12 months.
  • Root out commercially unstable targets from your prospect list and protect your business from unnecessary risk and bad debt.


  • Get better results while cutting costs by reducing list volumes by approximately 15%.
  • Save time and money on expensive sales visits by avoiding high-risk prospects.
  • Get more out of your marketing campaigns by improving the quality of your business leads and removing high-risk customers that reduce conversion rates and ROI.
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