Why use Ledger360?

Discover how using Ledger360 to give you one, consistent and accurate view of your credit issues can help you significantly reduce bad debt.

Business challenges:

 The financial health of a business is only as secure as that of its customers. Not knowing where your biggest risks lie could lead to payment delays, increasing risk exposure, missed up sell opportunities and deteriorating relationships with your customers.

 Business solution:

Ledger360 allows you to query multiple ledgers, so you can reprioritise your collections strategy and successfully target the highest risk customers on your ledger – a key step to effectively manage and minimise your total risk exposure.


With increased risk visibility across multiple ledgers you can continually control your financial health with informed risk management. Maximise cashflow by quickly identifying good customers and drive a variety of targeted collection strategies for customers posing different degrees of credit risk.

City Link see drastic reduction's in the amounts of overdue debt (download case study)

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