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See for yourself how Ledger360 helps you continually monitor and control your financial health.

See a whole view of risk exposure

  • Increase risk visibility across business with a single, high level view of multiple ledgers
  • See an overall percentage of your ledger balance for current and overdue amounts
  • Highlight and calculate risk exposure at regional and group level by seeing the bigger picture of your overdue accounts with corporate tree links

Continually monitor payment trends

  • Each month Ledger360 will calculate the overall DBT (days beyond term) for your accounts and provide an average Delphi score for comparison
  • Combine payment performance data with business information databases
  • See how customers are paying you compared to other suppliers

Tailor your Report

  • Set up bespoke reports to get immediate access to important information and reduce analysis time
  • Add up to 20 additional data items specific to your business
  • Measure team performance and set team KPIs and targets based on key information

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City Link

City Link’s long-term future was severely threatened by its inability to identify struggling or failing businesses and suppliers. This meant absorbing outstanding bad debt.

With Ledger360, City Link can continually monitor its entire ledger and see changing behaviour as it happens. With deeper insight into its customers from fresh monthly reports, it can develop better collections strategies and make better lending decisions.

With more return on its investment, City Link was able to reduce its exposure to bad debt and invest in other areas of the business.

Thomson Local

Thomson Local had no visibility of its ledger as a whole, which contained 60,000 individual credit accounts. Without a complete view, Thomson Local could not see how many customers they could up sell to and how many posed potential problems. Creating individual credit accounts and reports took considerable time and cost.

Credit Managers and Debt Collection Managers are now able to pull out data pertinent to a particular in-house debt recovery agent without dealing with reams of irrelevant information. Thomson Local can now also identify customers who are prime for cross-sales and up-sales offers.

Thomson Local now has a deeper understanding of its customers and where their credit risks lie. Fresh monthly reports reveal potential risk behaviour as it happens and allows Thomson Local to collect the money more quickly.

“Having a single, up-to-date view across our entire customer ledger is helping us in the questions we’re asking and in the decisions we’re making. Now we’re always up to date with our customers’ actual payment behaviour. We wouldn’t want to lose Ledger360.” Alison Bruty - Financial Services Manager, Thomson Local

“We have seen a substantial return on investment, drastically reducing the amount of overdue debt that was owed to us. This has enabled us to invest in other areas of the business, such as IT, and we are now bucking the trend and seeing growth. Experian has been the key to this.” Colin Tyler - Financial Director, City Link.

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