Get a total view of your risk exposure across your ledgers

See risk visibility across your entire business

Get a single, high level view of multiple ledgers.

Corporate tree links show the big picture of your overdue accounts, highlighting risk exposure at regional and group level.

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Monitor payment trends as they happen

See risk behaviour straight away with fresh monthly updates on your whole ledger and individual accounts.

See how customers are paying you compared to other suppliers and negotiate better payment terms.

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Find out which of your customers are growth opportunities

Treat low and high risk customers accordingly by seeing at a glance which customers are prime for up sells.

Commercial Delphi score gives an accurate view of a customer’s stability over the next 12 months.

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Slice and dice data to create bespoke reports

Get bespoke reports to reduce analysis time, measure team performance and set team KPIs and targets.

Add up to 20 additional data items specific to your business, ensuring the information you need is easy to access and analyse.

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More and more, businesses understand that their financial health is only as secure as that of their customers and that unresolved credit issues within their customer base can leave their business dangerously exposed. Higher risk customers in particular, require close monitoring as they are potentially increasing your bad debt exposure.

A wealth of payment information

Experian holds the largest database of up to date payment performance data from independent sources, including over 6000 ledgers and 22 million commercial transactions processed each month – the equivalent of £12 billion worth of transactions a month. This data lets you quickly find out how your customers are paying other suppliers and get a deeper understanding of your customers’ financial situation.

A blend of business and consumer data

It is Experian’s unique blend of extensive business and consumer data that gives you deeper and more accurate insight into new and existing customers. Experian combines business with consumer data, trade references and director information to generate a blended risk score.

High quality data

Experian provides an extensive breadth and depth of business information. Our consumer database holds information on 45 million UK customers, our national business database contains 4 million limited and non limited companies, and we partner over 600 organisations across many different sectors.


“Having refreshed data from Experian means we can re-filter our own data and get fresh reports each month. So while once we might have deemed certain customers OK, Ledger360 alerts us to the fact that their credit risk or Delphi score has changed. It lets us know that we have to act more promptly when collecting their payment.” Alison Bruty - Financial Services Manager, Thomson Local

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