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Keep your business data clean

Businesses in the UK are estimated to waste £220 million each year on inaccurate mailings. Experian can help you avoid being part of these statistics by ensuring that your marketing database is clean and efficient. Your business will ultimately achieve reduced marketing costs and greatly improved response rates through better data management, and at the same time ensure compliance.

Keep your business data clean

Out of date data can cause you to miss out on business opportunities, waste your marketing budget and put your business at risk of non-compliance with data protection regulations.Whether you want a one off cleanse of your data, or an ongoing data quality programme, Experian offer ready made or bespoke solutions to fit, supported as always by Experian's highest quality data.

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Enrich your data

Enhancing the data in your customer database brings your data to life by taking your existing customer database and adding a new depth and dimension to these records - transforming your customer database into a true business asset to help you identify your best customers and find new business opportunities.

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  • Data Enhancement - Enrich your data for higher performing marketing campaigns
  • e-append - Add email addresses to your customer database
  • Bespoke data analysis - Experian pH offer high level insight, such as propensity to buy, readiness to investand geographical or sales territory opportunity assesment.

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