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Experian has a wealth of insight to help you get the most from your B2B marketing efforts.

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Find new business prospects

Generating business leads is crucial if you are to find new customers. You’ll want to know that they are the best leads for your business, offer the best business opportunities, and that these leads and prospects are more likely become customers. You’ll also want to know that your marketing campaigns will be on target, that you’ll generate a positive response from the business leads, and as a result generate profitable business.

Bespoke B2B Marketing Consultancy

Experian's pH Group can optimise your customer and prospect B2B Marketing. With comprehensive data resources such as pH's Megafile, and powerful insight and analytics into both your customer database and prospects lists, combined with high level consultancy, pH can help you develop high level, successful marketing campaigns.

Find your best prospects online

pH Search is an Online, bespoke searchable database of businesses for intelligent prospecting and business research. Combining ease of use with huge insight and intelligence, pH Search offers high quality B2B Prospecting.

Achieve your mailing targets

National Business Database (NBD) provides you with most comprehensive business data available and the most accurate records - to help you build your Business to Business B2B marketing campaigns.

  • Most comprehensive B2B database
  • 5.1m accurate business data records
  • Ensure mailing efficiency

Market directly to low-risk and stable businesses

Pre-Screened Data from Experian is a clear, easy to use data suppression service. By improving the quality of your prospects, you can enjoy a better conversion rate and return on investment.

  • Improve your marketing ROI
  • Reduce costs per lead
  • Improve business efficiency

Know when your customers are ready to buy

New opportunities from Experian helps you indentify when a business first starts up, changes location, opens up a new branch or changes ownership or function to help you identify potential new customers.

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