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Decide who to extend credit to

When deciding if you should trade with a business, and what your approach should be if you do decide to trade with them, you’ll need answers to critical business questions, such as payment behaviour, financial performance, and credit status. You’ll want to identify risk, know in advance whether there’s a risk a business may default on payment, if they have CCJs against them or if they are at risk of going out of business.

Make faster, better risk decisions

The Risk Report helps you to make faster and better risk decisions - enabling at-a-glace decision making with single page Risk Reports.

  • Instant access to risk information
  • At a glance decision making
  • Data verification and authentication

Decide whether you should trade with an international business

International Business Reports provides instant access to International reports - providing you with global information on a wide range of businesses in over 225 countries. 

  • Immediate online access via e-series
  • Access 45 million businesses
  • Europe, US, Asia and Middle East

Monitor customer credit and risk changes

Business Monitoring is an early warning system to alert credit professionals managing a vast portfolio of any change in their customers' circumstances - providing valuable and timely business intelligence.

  • Monitor a business
  • Early warning system - CCJs
  • Flags credit and risk changes

View online credit and risk reports

e-series Business delivers an unrivalled depth and breadth of information across the entire UK business base helping to identify risk.

  • Online business information
  • Quickly visualise the risk
  • Make fast, high-calibre decisions

Recognise risk of company failure

Commercial Delphi identifies the levels of risk associated with trading or lending to other UK businesses by accurately predicting business closures, dissolutions and the failure of businesses.

  • View predictive score
  • Identify risk of failure level
  • Company and owner insights

Make decisions on new business automatically

Commercial Autoscore helps you make decisions on new business with greater speed, consistency and cost efficiency -protecting your business from exposure to potentially fraudulent activity with a set of clearly demonstrable steps.

  • Make instant automated decisions
  • Carry out detailed risk predictions
  • Really know your customer
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