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Data Quality Consultancy – improve your business customer accounts information

Errors and inconsistencies in your ledger data can mean you miss vital opportunities and expose you to risk. Amending and maintaining your data with Data Quality Consultancy removes potential problem data and leaves you with easy-to-use, accurate information that enhances your customers understanding.

What is Data Quality Consultancy?

Data Quality Consultancy is an all-in-one data analysis, cleaning and enhancing service that helps you improve ledger data and gives you a better understanding of risk and opportunity within your ledger.

How can Data Quality Consultancy help you?

  • Identify the biggest risks and opportunities in your ledger
  • Improve campaign accuracy with up to date, accurate customer information
  • Reach more customers by appending extra information to your records

How does it work?

  • Get a full analysis of your data quality and identify how much data can and cannot be matched to Experian’s records.
  • Find out how much of your data contains incorrect information.
  • The analysis report also shows you how much you could improve your ledger data in quantifiable terms by cleaning your data.
  • Make sure key company details are up to date, including address and telephone information.
  • See how many of the businesses in your database have ceased trading and delete these records.
  • Quickly identify gone-aways, consolidate duplicate accounts and maintain accuracy across your ledger.
  • Enrich your records with additional data fields and strengthen your ledger quality.
  • Talk to your customers in even more ways by appending extra contact information such as email addresses.
  • Get a better picture of your customers with more detailed, more complete records that show all the information in a consistent format for easy searches.
  • Reveal a customer’s true Days Beyond Terms trend by combining your data with Experian’s.
  • Businesses that are unmatched with Experian have a 33% higher DBT than those that are matched.
  • Get a good overview of payment trends within your ledger for a deeper understanding of credit risks and opportunities.
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