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Commercial Autoscore – fast business account checks

Your business is constantly at risk from fraudulent credit applications and without spending extensive time and resources checking each application, you may find yourself bearing the cost of an expensive mistake. Commercial Autoscore is a fast, automated business check that arms you with a wealth of information to make low-risk decisions with confidence.

What is Commercial Autoscore?

Commercial Autoscore provides an accurate automated business check and assessment of new applications. Using Experian’s in-depth business intelligence, you can speed up credit application processing and protect your business from fraud.

How can Commercial Autoscore help you?

  • Streamline your application process and reduce backlogs
  • Focus your expensive risk assessment expertise on complex cases
  • Protect your business against fraud and quickly identify suspicious applications

How does it work?

  • Get an automated assessment of each new business application with a direct link to Experian’s information bank.
  • See each business name matched against sanction files and trading restrictions and use up to 200 different policy rules.
  • All information can be fed directly into your existing system or used as a fully integrated solution.
  • Predict company stability with an accurate and up to date Commercial Delphi score.
  • See a blended risk score for start-ups, non-limited businesses and small companies with abbreviated accounts filed.
  • Accurately assess the risk of every new business and ensure decisions are consistent across your business.
  • See applications from suspicious businesses, disqualified directors or insolvent companies, or illegal traders quickly highlighted.
  • Get authentication of the individuals behind a business to check for money laundering issues.
  • Protect your business by taking all the correct steps against fraud and by ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Identify and authenticate company directors, secretaries and majority shareholders.
  • Undertake a more detailed investigation into a business and its owners with flexibility to call in an underwriter.

Have greater confidence in a company before you decide to do business by looking closely at who is behind them.

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