Commercial Autoscore

Fast automated business checks

Accurate assessment of new business applications is critical to the continued success of any company. Being able to carry this out quickly and easily is good for you, and good for your customers.

How can Commercial Autoscore help you?

  • Links to Experian’s in-depth information on businesses to give an automated assessment of each new business application
  • Uses the widely used Commercial Delphi risk score to give highly predictive indicators of company failure
  • Process applications from start-ups, non-limited businesses and limited businesses
  • Create the policy to suit your business by using up to 200 policy rules
  • Choose to integrate Identity Authenticate to validate the individuals behind a business, so that you can check for money laundering issues as you assess credit risk

Commercial Autoscore is available as a standalone software package, or a fully integrated custom solution that can bring together previously independent systems.

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