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Business Monitoring – effective business credit and risk monitoring

To keep up with constant changes in the business environment and avoid missed opportunities, on-going monitoring and updating of your databases is needed. Business Monitoring keeps you constantly aware of changing client circumstances by tracking, updating and alerting you to important shifts, giving you the power to instantly react to potential opportunities or risk.

What is Business Monitoring?

Business Monitoring provides real-time business updates and risk alerts to notify you of changes in your customers’ business activities and financial status, so you can react quickly and make the safest business decisions.

How can Business Monitoring help you?

  • Improve your account management by monitoring your entire portfolio in one place
  • Explore new opportunities by reacting quickly when credit scores change for the better
  • Ensure you are constantly aware of your customers’ business activities and status

How does it work?

  • Closely monitor your customers’ essential business activities with complete up to date tracking and reporting.
  • Get message alerts warning you about changes that could affect your business.
  • You decide which businesses require risk monitoring and set your own risk criteria.
  • Find out about company status changes for limited and non-limited UK businesses.
  • Know about changes to a business name, director and registered office.
  • Find out first about key changes to a company’s status and ensure you are always aware of events that could affect your business.
  • See instantly when a customer’s payment behaviour changes.
  • Find out when a business is late to file its latest accounts and annual return.
  • Get immediate alerts when a business breaches parameters that have been set by you.
  • Find out about potential risk behaviour including winding up petitions, creditors meeting and notification of company failures.
  • View a customer’s CCJs, decrees and mortgage charges.
  • Business credit monitoring acts as an early warning system so you can know immediately about your customers’ worsening financial situation.
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