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> Find new prospects

> Decide who to extend credit to

Boost your market intelligence

Intelligence about your customers helps you to build a rounded picture of your market. It helps you to optimise your existing relationships, by understanding who your most profitable customers are and where your business can focus marketing and sales effort, and provides a foundation to building a robust business strategy.

Monitor changes in credit status

Business Monitoring is an early warning system to alert credit professionals managing a vast portfolio of any change in their customers' circumstances - providing valuable and timely business intelligence.

  • Monitor a business
  • Early warning system - CCJs
  • Flags credit and risk changes

Understand customer characteristics

Mosaic Commercial enables you to visualise and analyse your commercial customers - to identify the characteristics that make them more likely to be profitable and loyal customers.

  • Visualise and analyse customers
  • Understand customers characteristics
  • Identify those most likely to be profitable

Build your strategy intelligently

Experian pH solutions provide you with research and marketing prospect data on limited companies and non-limited businesses in one place – to reveal your best business opportunities.

  • Uncover best business opportunities
  • Identify most profitable customers
  • Build business strategy

Unearth potential in your data

Data Analytics helps you understand who your most profitable customers are and what makes them tick - to drive up profits.

  • Identify profitable customers
  • Exploit potential in own data
  • Build on business intelligence

Merger and Acquisition data

Experian Corpfin offer detailed reports and data on mergers and acquisitions, business take overs and corporate backgrounds. You can view a detailed list of Corpfin reports here.

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