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B2B Researcher – valuable marketing data and competitor information

Keeping up with the constantly changing business environment can often leave you feeling disorientated, leading to missed opportunities and expensive mistakes. Having instant access to fresh, accurate business information keeps you up to speed with the latest marketing data, allowing you to make well informed, profitable decisions.

What is B2B Researcher?

B2B Researcher provides high quality, highly accurate marketing data on UK businesses for in-depth business research and competitor information on individual companies and building targeted marketing lists.

How can B2B Researcher help you?

  • Build effective sales and marketing strategies under a controlled budget
  • Identify profitable business opportunities, customers and partners
  • Get instant access to the business intelligence you need easily.
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Experian Corpfin provide detailed reports and resources on mergers and acquisitions, company information and business performance. Experian Corpfin provide free monthly overview reports, which are available by following the link below.

How does it work?

  • Check key company details such as registered and trading addresses.
  • View 5million contact names and associated telephone numbers, including named decision makers.
  • Get quick access to fresh, validated business location information and make sure your marketing reaches the right person.
  • See corporate trees and gain insight into key executives.
  • Get a detailed summary of past and present directors and shareholders.
  • Up to date executive information quickly directs you to the most profitable partners for your business.
  • Find out detailed information on recent mergers and acquisitions, including the value of the deal and who is involved.
  • Subscribe to email alerts and keep a close eye on your industry and competitors.
  • Stay up to date with the latest industry changes with accuratecompetitorinformation that’s updated daily.
  • See detailed company financials for the last 5 years and records of over 28 different types of corporate transactions.
  • View cashflow and balance sheet items, mortgages, charges and CCJs.
  • Assess the financial stability of limited and non-limited UK businesses with instant access to highly accurate marketing data on 5.7million companies.
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