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Ledger Manager

Every business is dependent on cash flow. Our Ledger Manager service regularly reviews your debtor book using the latest payment performance data to identify customers that are at high risk of paying late or defaulting. This allows you to prioritise your credit control and payment collections, which in turn reduces the risk of bad debt, cuts time to payment and improves cash flow. All Credit Report subscribers get to use our Business Alerts service for free. The service sends you automatic notifications via email whenever a customer or supplier experiences a major change in circumstances. For example, you may want to be notified when there is a change in ownership at a valued supplier. Or you may wish to receive an alert when a customer’s credit rating is downgraded. It gives you the power to short-circuit problems before they materialise.

Why use Ledger Manager?

  • Improve cash flow
  • Crack down on late payers
  • Identify where cash to the business is
  • Reduce debtor days

How it works

  • Our Ledger Manager app is downloaded to your desktop and interfaces with your accounting package to extract sales ledger data
  • Data is then uploaded through a secure encrypted connection to protected servers in Experian's data centre
  • Reports are produced identifying customers most at risk of defaulting
  • All your data remains absolutely confidential and is not shared with any other system

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