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International Credit Reports

Thousands of SME businesses could be missing out on export opportunities and with it, the chance to increase their turnover significantly. However, many businesses are fearful of entering into the world of export due to credit risk – not knowing whether the overseas customer would pay for the goods or services. 

Experian Business Express can help mitigate these concerns with our International Business Reports. Available in 238 countries, our international credit reports give you access to instant, accurate, global business information, helping you make insightful choices and with that the confidence to expand your business. 

Why would you use International Business Reports?

International Business Reports gives you deep insight into potential international customers so you can make accurate risk assessments and informed decisions for your business.

  • Accurately assess the risk of dealing with potential international customers
  • Check to see if suppliers or customers have any adverse information
  • Reduce exposure to bad debt
  • Set appropriate credit limits
  • Take advantage of opportunities that could help to grow your business

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Key features

European and US Company reports:

  • View a detailed summary, including company details, credit status, risk score payment profile, accounts, public record information, legal notices and judgments
  • Get a full history of ownership information
  • Every report uses high quality data compiled from Experian Globally located Credit Bureaus and partnerships with leading international data companies within their respective domestic market

Rest of the world:

  • Get a deeper understanding of businesses from countries in Asia and the Middle East
  • View financial information on businesses in the emerging markets
  • Get vital insight into potential partners and customers in growing economic powerhouses such as China and India

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