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What does your business credit profile say about you?

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To access My Business Profile, you must:

  • Be a registered director of your company
  • Have a valid credit card
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What does your credit profile say about your business?

If you've been refused credit or struggled to secure new finance, you'll know how that can impact your business. Now you can take steps to understand your business credit score and give yourself the best chance of getting the line of credit you need.

You’ll get full visibility of your business credit profile, which also takes into account your other credit account agreements. This comprehensive overview is what the banks and other providers of credit account agreements use when you apply for credit or finance

Buy today for £24.99 per month and get your first month free*

Why would you use it?

  • See what business data the lenders see when making credit decisions about your business
  • Understand what's affecting your business score and get help to make this the best it can be.
  • Get full visibility of your business credit score, including any credit agreements
  • Automatic alerts about significant changes
  • Unlimited access to your business credit report

By having access to this detailed view of your business' credit profile you will be armed with the most accurate view of your own business credit score and the factors that are affecting it. As well as this insight, you'll also get alerts every time there's a major change to your credit report and we'll give you ongoing support and advice to make your business credit score the very best it can be.

This means you can be more confident when applying for business credit and take proactive steps to improve it if you want to apply for finance or credit in the future.

This information is exclusive to business owners and Directors, so to activate My Business Profile you will need to be registered at Companies House as a current director of the business and have either a personal or business credit card to hand to make payment.

Buy today for £24.99 per month and get your first month free*

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