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International Business Reports - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the International Search feature?

    International Business Reports give you a deep insight into potential International customers and business risk, so you can make accurate risk assessments and informed decisions for your business.

    • Get instant online access to 45million businesses.
    • Access detailed reports on businesses in more than 238 countries worldwide.
    • Conduct a reliable financial health check on prospective customers around the world with quick access to accurate and up to date global business information.
  • What countries are available online?

    Where available, reports are accessible for the following countries - Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland and USA.

  • Why are some reports not available online?

    This can either be because the country you are requesting a report on is not currently supported with online instant access or there is a more up to date copy offline

  • Why do offline reports cost more than an online one?

    This is due to the manual element of having to source the report from one of our trusted partners, which incurs a small cost but means you will be accessing the most up to date information available.

  • How long does it take to buy a report?

    If the report you are looking for is available online it can be viewed instantly. If the report is not available online many of our offline reports are available within 24hrs. When you send the request through to our Customer Support team they will advise how long the report will take and confirm the price before you agree to the purchase.

  • Can I view previously purchased reports?

    We will email you a copy of the report at the time of purchase, however if you misplace this we are able to resend the report to you free of charge.

  • Where does your data come from?

    Every report uses high quality data compiled from Experian Globally located Credit Bureaus and partnerships with tier 1 leading international data companies within their respective domestic market.

  • What level of detail will my report contain?

    Overseas companies have different filing laws to the UK, so the information available may vary from country to country.

  • Can we search for Directors of an International company?

    We do not have a facility that allows you to search for the Owners/Directors of a business by name, this information may be available within the business report – please note that the information a business has to file varies by country.
  • How can I pay for a report?

    If you are an existing Experian Business Express customer you can purchase one off reports via invoice or you can add credit to your account, which you can then offset against future purchases. To discuss discounts for purchasing credit please contact us on 0844 481 0030.

  • Can I purchase a report if I don’t have an account?

    To discuss how to set up an account please contact us on 0844 481 0030.

  • If the report is not what I expected can I have my money back? How do I know that the report on the company I’m looking for is the right one, there are lots of companies with similar names at the same address?

    There is no charge for searching the database only for purchasing the report, we would ask that you double check the information you have for the company before agreeing to the terms and conditions – if you are in any doubt we are happy to advise you, please contact us on 0844 481 0030 for further help.

  • Will the company that I’m requesting a report on know that I have searched them?

    The report will not leave a visible footprint, however, we do keep a log of who has generated a report and what company the report has been generated on for billing and auditing purposes. The subject company can request this information from us upon request, as stated in our standard terms and conditions.

  • Do I have to have permission to search for a company and if not will the level of detail vary?

    You do not need to have permission to search for a business. The level of information provided will only differ due to different filing regulations per country.

  • How will the report be delivered to me?

    You will be able to view the report on screen and we will also email a PDF copy of the report to the email address that you used to login to the system..

  • What if need further help using the system?

    Call 0844 481 0030 to speak to one of our experts.

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