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Being denied company credit can be bad news for your business, especially if you need finance in order to grow.

If your business has been refused credit or struggled to secure new finance, you’ll know how that can impact your plans. But is relying on your personal finances really the answer?

With My Business Profile, you get full visibility of your business credit profile, enabling you to understand what’s affecting your company credit score and preventing you from being able to obtain that all important company credit.

How does My Business Profile help?

  • Find out the top 5 factors influencing your score

    Give yourself the best chance when applying for business credit, by working on the areas that are affecting your score

  • See what lenders see when making credit decisions about your business

    This is one of the only reports of its type to include commercial CAIS data, making it the most accurate and fully comprehensive view of your own business credit profile

  • Automatic Alerts

    Receive alerts about significant changes, so you can act quickly to reduce any negative impacts to your score

  • Customer Support

    On-going advice and support to help make your business credit score the best it can be

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How it works

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    It's really easy to sign up online. All you need is to be a company director and have access to a credit or debit card.

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    Find out the factors that may be affecting your business credit rating

  • Improve your business credit rating

    We distill the data held on our credit databases into simple and easy-to-use risk scores

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    While the service we provide is subscription base you can cancel at anytime online.

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