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E-mail or text alerts when their credit report changes

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Identify potentially risky customers or suppliers before they affect you

Today we live in an uncertain world. A world where the ability of your customers and suppliers to pay your invoices or deliver your business critical goods can change overnight, with little or no prior warning. The impact on your business can be significant so it's critical that you understand the risk of dealing with different companies and how that risk can change over time.

Alerts by text or e-mail - Keep up to date with changes for FREE!

  • Select the business/director you want to monitor
  • An e-mail/text message will be sent when a change occurs
  • Visit Business Check to download an updated report
    * From £8.99 for an overview report

You can subscribe to receive instant alerts for 3, 6 or 12 months notifying you of important changes to your customer or suppliers’ business that could affect you.

Pick and choose a variety of alerts for limited companies and non-limited businesses, including:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Adverse legal information
  • Slow payment information
  • County court judgements

*£8.99 for an overview report

  •  Credit score / rating change
  • Annual accounts and returns
  • Company detail change

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