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With more insight into motor industry customer data you can achieve better results and manage risk. We have extensive insight into the lives of the UK population, which can help to target your communications with precision and allow you to make sound business decisions.


We provide unrivalled levels of insight about people, households and neighbourhoods to help you implement more effective marketing strategies.



  • Analysis – Consumers
    We deliver timely insights into your customers, in order to reach the widest audience across all channels. Demographic variables for segmentation include lifestyle, buying behaviour, attitudes and buying preferences.
  • Analysis – Business
    We can help you to understand your existing and prospective customers in more detail. By using our broad data sets and analytics we can tell you which marketing channels would be the most appropriate for your business.
  • Segmentation and Propensity Models
    We understand customers’ lifestyles and behavioural data for precision engagement and targeted marketing, using a comprehensive set of classifications and a wide range of propensities.

Accurate prospect data is vital in a market where competition is fierce and customer loyalty is a challenge. Our segmented data is taken from our own data surveys, edited electoral rolls and third party data.



  • Business Prospects
    With over 5 million UK businesses listed in our B2B prospector service for you to choose from and start contacting immediately. For even greater flexibility and complex targeting, our pH Megafiles generate a rich picture of corporate information, historical trends and behavioural predictors, for maximum data integrity and risk management.
  • Consumer Prospects and List Rental
    Selecting from our 42.3 million targeted prospects, brings a breadth of data needed to reach the widest audience; whilst depth of lifestyle and demographic analysis helps you identify the prospects most likely to engage.

Decaying and irrelevant data wastes your marketing efforts and budget. Standardising, cleansing and enhancing your data allows you to maximise communications; reducing wastage and improving return on investment.



  • Audit and Consultancy
    Identifying data health is the first step towards a more productive database. With our best practice guidance and expertise on creating a single customer view, we can talk you through how to generate maximum impact with your data.
  • Data Cleansing, Supression and De-Duplication
    Using continually updated private and public sources, we check that data held is up to date and accurate; removing ‘gone aways’, deceased customers and duplicated entries.
  • Vehicle Owner Tracking
    Our tracking system that uses DVLA keeper change data, helps us identify vehicles in your database that are no longer owned by your customers or have been scrapped or exported.
  • Enhance and Append
    We add demographic, lifestyle, channel preference and segmentation data, bringing a richer understanding of customers’ identities; for better targeting and more relevant messaging.
  • Data Capture
    We verify your data from the point of capture for accuracy from the outset, ensuring you have the right information for your business and marketing needs.

In a digital world, your online communications need to stand out. Our range of digital capabilities can help you to optimise your online marketing and social media strategies. Combined with Experian classification and segmentation tools, we can help you drive highly successful multi-channel marketing.



  • Hitwise Website Analytics
    Our analytics tie in with demographic data of millions UK internet users, telling you who visited, where they visited before, and where they went next. Rankings break down the market share of website visits, to keep you informed about your competition.
  • CheetahMail Email Marketing
    A platform to execute cross channel marketing, CheetahMail maximises the precision of online communications, through email, mobile, social networking sites and display advertising. It pin points the most relevant targets in your database through automated segmentation.
  • Alchemy Social
    Unlock the potential of social media with Alchemy Social - a Facebook ad management system and profile manager, allowing you to capture and store customer information, using it to inform sales, content and media strategies.
  • Online Audience Targeting
    We can segment your online audience for specific ad targeting, aimed at individual habits, needs and preferences.

Establishing the identity and integrity of customers with confidence is vital to building trusted and profitable relationships. We can authenticate customer data to guard against application fraud, providing background checks on applicants and employees.



  • Identity Authentication
    Manual approaches to identity checking are labour intensive and prone to error; our electronic confirmation gives you an answer in seconds. Reducing fraud in real time, we check and validate a customer’s identity and address.
  • AutoDoc ID
    Verifies passports, driving licenses, visas and ID cards from around the world confirming whether they are genuine.
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection
    Alert technology helps you assess the risk of fraud at all stages of your customer relationships. Screen existing customers, detect links to pre-existing fraud networks, check for application anomalies without impacting your customer on-boarding process.
  • Payment Solutions
    Reduces rejections in payments by ensuring payment data is correct and can be processed, prior to submission. Payment Solutions lower staff costs and reduce exposure to risk and error.
  • Employment Screening
    Establish with confidence that candidates are who they say they are and are qualified to do the job. We offer a combination of unique, pre-employment screening services, for UK and international clients.

Effectively managing credit risk is vital to profitability but can be a challenge. When you need to credit check customers or businesses to manage risk, we can provide credit data, scorecards, decision analytics and software; so you can optimise your credit strategies.



  • Acquisition and Origination
    We use intelligent decision analytics that ensure you don’t miss out on lending opportunities, they give a  more comprehensive view of risk than traditional scoring; maximising your lending potential.
  • Customer Management
    We can tell you what’s happening to your customers and why, monitoring their situations for upsell potential and indicating those that may result in future growth and loyalty.
  • Collections and Debt Management
    Should your customers face difficulty, we keep you in the picture so you can prioritise those at highest risk of default and implement the right payment plans.
  • Business Information and Commercial Credit
    Powered by Experian’s intuitive business information, a new advanced web portal to manage commercial credit, one easy to use platform enables credit risk assessment, customer management and collections.

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