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See the full national or local automotive marketing picture. With our demographic, economic and vehicle statistics, we can help you understand the automotive marketplace, the vehicles in use and what’s likely to sell.

Understanding a complex automotive market place landscape requires measurement and comparison based on detailed market data. We provide details of vehicles in operation, new and used sales data, population counts, economic insights and demographics; enabling more profitable decisions.



  • Bespoke Reports and Data
    For a specific requirement or business challenge, bespoke projects deliver tailored data and formatted reports to give accurate insight.
  • Economics
    With extensive experience in economic forecasting, we can provide knowledge of consumer markets, spending and sales at a national, regional and city level; allowing you to evaluate and benchmark opportunities.

Serving a market profitably, demands a complete understanding of it. We can identify the optimum location for your business activities and measure ongoing performance, using vehicle parc, demographic and macroeconomic data, systems and analysis.



  • Experian Footfall
    Improve the performance of your network and interaction between staff and customers by measuring footfall, linking this information to sales data and analysing conversion rates.
  • Micromarketer
    A local analysis and visualisation tool giving valuable insight into the characteristics of your customers.
  • Geodemographic Data
    Customer characteristic and behavioural data, segmented geographically for location specific insights.
  • Economic Forecasting
    We have economists and consultants who specialise in global macroeconomic, regional and local area forecasting; providing subscription products and bespoke consulting services.

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